Terrene is more than just a restaurant but a reminder that small ideas can really snowball. While in most cases that's a negative, in this case it's a positive. And the hope is that the snow ball keeps on rolling.

It all began when Kim and Josh Haugh would discuss food and business, and how the two could go hand-in-hand. Kim was craving a really good salad that satisfied her hunger without guilt. She found that salad. And at the same time the idea that would launch a food truck and then Terrene. It has been a labor of love for the couple, but it's been more love than anything else.

Why "Terrene"? It means "From the Earth". It's the perfect statement for the restaurant's food and how it is made. It's also a reminder that despite our differences we're all from the Earth and therefore should be one with our planet, our food, and each other.